Recent and Forthcoming Titles

Rescuing Democracy


This book proposes a new institution -- the 'People’s Forum' -- to enable democratic governments to effectively address long-running issues like global warming and inequality. It would help citizens decide what strategic problems their government ...

Crisis States: Governance, Resistance & Precarious Capitalism

Read Table of Contents + Opening Chapter! This is an age of crisis: economic, political, environmental, and social. Yet the nature of contemporary crisis is often misunderstood. Crisis, rather than being accidental or episodic – as ...

Centaurs, Rioting in Thessaly


Ionia has disappeared, Troy is no more, Antigone and the heroes are gone. But then, they were never there in the first place . . . The ghosts of the Oresteia haunt our imaginations as Clytemnestra treads upon ...

Murder Ballads

Download an excerpt of Murder Ballads! England, 1798. You buy a book of poems. An anonymous volume. You carry it home in your jacket pocket, set it on a table in your sitting room while you ...

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