The Great Singing Sea: A Guide for Magical, Neuroexpansive Children (and Everyone Else)

Many writers have said that they write the kinds of books they wished they had been able to read but were simply never written. The Great Singing Sea is just such a book. For those who grow up extraordinarily sensitive, very few books reflect their experiences back in a way that reifies them and validates their inner worlds. The Great Singing Sea is an attempt to give bright and sensitive children coming into a complicated world a more expansive reflection of the things that they see, the things that they feel, and their ways of being. In this book, Prince-Hughes writes about the reality of being overwhelmed by the world, both in challenging and joyous ways.

Being constantly overstimulated is a painful and isolating experience for many children, but seeing deep and hidden layers of unique connection can be an equally isolating experience. In The Great Singing Sea, Prince-Hughes explores sensory sensitivities and the ways that meditation and connecting with animals and nature are vital tools for well-being. She revives ancient ways of teaching children about the monsters they perceive and the reality of the Spirit World, and broaches difficult topics such as death, nightmares, trauma, and the ailing environment in a way that can hopefully reach the hearts not just of children but of anyone who remains a neuroexpansive soul in difficult times.