Forthcoming Titles

The Diary of Anna Comnena, or The Very Political Adventures of a Transgender Byzantine Princess in African Elevators


In The Diary of Anna Comnena, or the Very Political Adventures of a Transgender Byzantine Princess in African Elevators, Tis Kaoru Zamler-Carhart impersonates the 12th-century Byzantine princess and historian Anna Comnena as she comes out ...

The Great Singing Sea: A Guide for Magical, Neuroexpansive Children (and Everyone Else)


Many writers will say that they write the kinds of books they wished they had been able to read but were simply never written. The Great Singing Sea is just such a book. For those ...

Signs of the Great Refusal: The Coming Struggle for a Postwork Society

In recent years, developed countries have seen the rise of discussions concerning "the problem with work today." Since this literature tends to reflect the frustrations of the professional–managerial class (as well as other workers in ...

The Social Properties of Concrete


Concrete is a ubiquitous part of our world. It composes our dwellings and shapes our infrastructures. It unites and divides urban space and is used to wage both war and peace. Concrete is simultaneously seen ...

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