Forthcoming Titles

ΠCase Files, Vol. 01


Over the past ten years, Organs Everywhere (Œ) has promoted conversations that approach architectural design from the edges of the discipline — testing its boundaries, technologies, methods and (e)valuation systems, and keeping them unstable. It ...

Follow for Now, Vol. 2: More Interviews with Friends and Heroes


Follow for Now, Vol. 2 picks up and pushes beyond the first volume with a more diverse set of interviewees and interviews. The intent of the first collection was to bring together voices from across ...

Still Life: Notes on Barbara Loden’s “Wanda” (1970)


There is indeed a "miracle" in Wanda. This film has survived, despite decades of neglect, to emerge into the fuliginous light of an era that may just be ready to strain at grasping its harsh ...

Cinema’s Doppelgängers


Cinema’s Doppelgängers is a counterfactual history of the cinema – or, perhaps, a work of speculative fiction in the guise of a scholarly history of film and movie guide. That is, it’s a history of ...

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