Recent and Forthcoming Titles

Other Grounds: Breaking Free of the Correlationist Circle


Is it possible to get outside your assumptions and know the world for what it is? As the 20th century came to a close, the verdict seemed to be a resounding “no,” but in recent ...

Speculations III

In this third volume of Speculations, a serial imprint created to explore post-continental philosophy and speculative realism, a wide range of topics are covered, from the philosophy of religion to psychoanalysis to the philosophy of ...

Dear Professor: A Chronicle of Absences


Dear Professor: A Chronicle of Absences is a selection of over two hundred unedited emails in which college students explain the reasons why they failed to attend class. The result is a bitingly satirical, collective ...

Rescuing Democracy


This book proposes a new institution -- the 'People’s Forum' -- to enable democratic governments to effectively address long-running issues like global warming and inequality. It would help citizens decide what strategic problems their government ...

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