Forthcoming Titles

Urban Liquefaction: Rethinking the Relationship between Land and Sea


From classical times until today, cities have been conceived in the western imagination as ideally confined to the fixities of the land, a space defined in opposition to the fluxes of the sea. Whereas solid ...

The Gentrified City of God: Queer & Medieval New York, from 9/11 to COVID-19


The United States is a spiritual wasteland—a two-party dictatorship that worships money and that eats human beings alive, where racial and gender oppression attack the body, and where partisan polarization stifles the mind. In The Gentrified ...

Imaginary Death


“A man dies. He dies because he must—because without his death, there is no story, and, in the end, no history itself.” So starts Nagai’s Imaginary Death, a nonfiction book that examines how an ordinary man ...

Atlas of Petromodernity

The Atlas of Petromodernity is many things in one: historical and geographical non-fiction, cultural theory essay, and picture book. In forty-four short essays, inspired by an equal amount of pictorial findings, Klose and Steininger develop ...

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