Editorial Advisory Board

Jane Bennett. Political Theory, Political Ecology, Object-Oriented Materialisms, Ethics. Johns Hopkins University, USA.

Kathleen Biddick. Medieval European History, Critical Historiography/Theory, Studies in Medievalism. Temple University, USA.

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy. Political Science, Political Philosophy, Post/humanisms, Zoontotechnics, War/Globalization. University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Paul Bowman. Cultural Theory, Popular Culture, Film & Media Studies, Martial Arts. Cardiff University, UK.

Jen Boyle. Early Modern Literature, New Media Studies, Technoculture/Technoscience Studies, Sexuality Studies. Coastal Carolina University, USA.

Jeffrey J. Cohen. Medieval Comparative Literature, Queer Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Post/humanisms. George Washington University, USA.

Paul J. Ennis. Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Speculative Realism, Metaphysics, Neurophilosophy, Bleak Theory. Dublin, Ireland.

Ruth Evans. Middle English Literature, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Feminist Theory, Memory/Mindware Studies. Saint Louis University, USA.

Aranye Fradenburg. Medieval Comparative Literature, Clinical Psychoanalysis, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Cognitive Literary Studies. University of California-Santa Barbara + New Center for Psychoanalysis, Los Angeles, USA.

David Hadbawnik. Medieval Literature, Poetry/Poetics, Translation, Historical Linguistics, Digital Humanities. eth press: postmedieval poetries, Habenicht Press, Kuwait.

Jonathan Gil Harris. Early Modern Culture, Drama, Shakespeare, Globalizations, Temporality/Motion. Ashoka University + Shakespeare Quarterly, India.

Geraldine Heng. Comparative Literature, Global Middle Ages, Transcultural Medieval Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Women’s Studies, Premodern Race Studies, Digital Humanities. University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Ed Keller. Architecture, Design Criticism/Research, Social Media, Transdisciplinary Design. Parsons The New School of Design, USA.

Anna Kłosowska. Medieval and Early Modern French Literature, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Queer Theory, Critical Theory. Miami University of Ohio, USA.

Katerina Kolozova. Feminist Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Gender Studies, Non-philosophy, Speculative Realism. Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities-Skopje, Macedonia.

Dan Mellamphy. Comparative Literature, Continental Philosophy, Media Technology, Post-Humanism, Speculative Fiction. University of Western Ontario, Canada.

Timothy Morton. Ecology, Philosophy, Literature, Romantic Period, Sound, Food. Rice University, USA.

Reza Negarestani. Independent Philosopher and Writer. New York City, USA.

Michael O’Rourke. Early Modern Studies, Queer Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies, Theory. Dublin, Ireland.

Simon O’Sullivan. Art History, Visual Culture, Art Theory, Psycho/schizoanalysis, Subjectivity, Goldsmiths College, University of London + Plastique Fantastique, UK.

Steven Shaviro. Cultural Theory, Film Studies, New Media, Science Fiction, Speculative Realism. Wayne State University, USA.

Michael Snediker. Poetry/Poetics, 19th/20th-Century American Literature, Modernism, Aesthetics, Temporality, Queer Theory, Disability Theory. Queen’s University, Canada.

Karl Steel. Comparative Medieval Literature, Critical Animal Studies, New Materialisms, Post/humanisms, Eco-studies. Brooklyn College, City University of New York, USA.

Eugene Thacker. New Media/Technology Studies, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Horror. The New School for Social Research, USA.

Scott Wilson. Cultural Studies, Critical Theory/Psychoanalysis, Audiology, Metal Studies. Kingston University + London Graduate School, UK.

Valerie Vogrin. Creative Writing, Fiction, Literary Editing. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville + Sou’wester, USA.

Julian Yates. Early Modern Studies, Material Culture, Object-Oriented Studies, Science Studies. University of Delaware, USA.