Open Source Tools

punctum books believes that open access publishing can only succeed in an ecosystem in which all infrastructure is open source. As long as any part of the open access production pipeline is monetizable and monopolizable, it remains vulnerable to for-profit capture.

Therefore, punctum books is dedicated to make its entire operation run on open source software. Currently, we use the following open source platforms:


We are collaboration with the Coko Foundation and the Editoria community to help develop an open source platform for copyediting and book design based on CSS templates and JavaScript driven pagination. Eventually this platform will reduce or even eliminate our dependency on legacy platforms such as Adobe Indesign.


For the management of audio, both audiobooks, spoken word recordings, and the archive of punctum records, we use Funkwhale. Check out our punctum audio here (under development).


We use InvoiceNinja for our billing.


LibreOffice is an open source alternative for the Microsoft Office suite.


Instead of Google Analytics, we use Matomo for generating usage statistics for our website.


For our internal communication we use Mattermost, an open source Slack-like chat program. We are also looking into transitioning most of our author-facing communication, currently done mostly by email, to Mattermost. Our Mattermost is open, so anyone can sign up for an account and chat with the punctum crew.

Sign up here:


Our internal processes and protocols are documented in MediaWiki, the same open source platform used for Wikipedia. Documenting all our processes centrally in a wiki is part of our sustainability efforts and guarantees continuity in case one of us is sick or on the road.


We host our own cloud through Nextcloud, which harbors all our book projects and other mission-critical data. In this way we can guarantee the security of our data to our authors and supporters.


For our mailing list management we use phpList. Subscribe to our newsletter here.


For email communications punctum books uses encrypted email from open source platform Protonmail.