The Ballad of the Lone Medievalist

Vital Reenchantments

Tar for Mortar

Hephaestus Reloaded – Efesto Reloaded

Pray for Brother Alexander

The Bodies That Remain

’Pataphilology: An Irreader

Insurrectionary Infrastructures

Ways of Being

The Anthology of Babel

Disrupting the Digital Humanities

Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics

Echoes of No Thing: Thinking between Heidegger and Dōgen

Where the Tiny Things Are: Feathered Essays

Fugitive Traces

Rhetorical Agency


The Pedagogics of Liberation: A Latin American Philosophy of Education

Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World

Manifesto for a Post-Critical Pedagogy

Athens and the War on Public Space: Tracing a City in Crisis

Sea Monsters: Things from the Sea, Volume 2

Visceral: Essays on Illness Not as Metaphor

The Hegemony of Psychopathy

Of Great Importance

Journal of Badiou Studies 5: Architheater

Creep: A Life, A Theory, An Apology

Of the Contract

Luminol Theory

The Troll Inside You: Paranormal Activity in the Medieval North