Eileen A. Fradenburg Joy. Old and Middle English Literature, Cultural Studies, Postmodern Fiction, Poetry/Poetics, Historiography/Intellectual History, Queer Studies, Post/humanisms, Speculative Philosophy, Para-Academia, Scholarly Communications. Santa Barbara, California, USA. Photo credit: Aranye Fradenburg Joy.

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei. Philology, Art/Politics, Linguistics, Nubian Studies, Deconstruction, Poetry, Public Space, Exosemiotics, Translation, Albanian Socialist Realism, Proletgeology, Gay Smut, Philosophy. The Department of Eagles, Union for Nubian Studies. Tirana, Albania. Photo credit: Nestle Rosales.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR for Community and Library Outreach

Livy O. Snyder. Art History, Archival Studies, Media Archeology, Metal Music Studies, Role Playing Games, Queer Studies. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Selfie.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR for Production and Design

Hatim Eujayl. Nubiology, Historical Linguistics, Typography, Orthography, Language Revitalization, Sudan Studies, Arabic Literature, Islamic History, Liberation Theology, Nubian Christianity, Qur’an Studies, Comparative Religion, Iconography. Union for Nubian Studies. Tucson, Arizona, USA. Photo credit: Aman Eujayl.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR for Editorial Development

SAJ. Abolition praxis, Black feminism and Black studies, political economy, power and oppression, symbolic power, social transformation, women’s and gender studies, cultural studies, relationalities (old school and new school), contemporary ideology and infrastructure, class, building worlds that love Black and crip and trans people, overthrowing ableist imperialist cis-heteropatriarchal racial capitalism. St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Selfie.


Alli Crandell. Coastal Carolina University, Conway, South Carolina, USA.

Ian Lessing. University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Library, Santa Barbara, California, USA.


Boris Budini. Cloud68, Tirana, Albania.