punctum books seeks to pierce and disturb the wednesdayish, business-as-usual protocols of both the generic university studium and its individual cells or holding tanks. We solicit and pimp quixotic, sagely mad engagements with textual thought-bodies. This is a space for the imp-orphans of your thought and pen, an ale-serving church for little vagabonds.

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We, the Ornamentalists, anarcho-eco-pacifist amateurs, advocate an aesthetics of historical cosmicity as the ground of an ethics of medieval studies, an avant-garde poetics, and a revolutionary politics of elaborating a varied cosmos as Public Park.

- Daniel C. Remein, "2nd Program of the Ornamentalists," BURN AFTER READING

It is difficult being human sometimes; this living is fagging ... the action of wearing oneself. Making oneself the fag-end, the last part and remnant of anything, after the best has been used.

- Will Stockton and D. Gilson, CRUSH

Can a wolf yield as if it were a knight? Can a bull have courage as if it were a man? Can an automobile ignite a driver as if he were an inferno? These are metaphors, but they are also real.

- Ian Bogost, "Inhuman," INHUMAN NATURE

Because of our failure to recognize that scientific method and humanist styles of interpretation and research enhance one another ... our ships pass in the night, bearing fantastic images of the O/other disciplines—oblivious to the fact that the improvisational, artful nature of real-time knowing is not a failed attempt at empiricism, but rather adaptation (and creativity) in action.


Hackers are the last thing people would associate with the Middle Ages. I copyrighted that sentence as I typed it into my phone while waiting in a grocery line.

- Kathleen E. Kennedy, MEDIEVAL HACKERS

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