Forthcoming Titles

A Cyborg’s Father: Misreading Donna Haraway


When his daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an infant, becomes dependent on technology to stay alive, Dave Brennan sets off in search of a vision: what does it mean to live as a ...

A Story of Witchery

Fantasy, fear, and freedom all play a part in A Story of Witchery, a book-length narrative poem by Jennifer Calkins, and newly illustrated by Thor Harris. Here we meet Emily, our "small and weedy" protagonist, ...

The Mediterranean Question


Whose Mediterranean are we talking about? What languages are most appropriate to its reception and understanding? With two-thirds constituted by the histories and cultures of its African and Asian shorelines and hinterlands, and its principal ...

Gazing at the Puerto Rican Anthropological Landscape: The “Natives” Look Far and Wide


Before the Second World War, most anthropological research in Puerto Rico was led by US anthropologists. The most famous project, The People of Puerto Rico, was directed by American anthropologist Julian Steward and launched the ...

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