“The Atlas of Petromodernity offers us the chance to be a flaneur within its distinctively curated and therefore somewhat realistic world. Enter at your own risk, with the affinity for risk that may well define you, even still.” ~ Stephanie LeMenager

Atlas of Petromodernity

The Atlas of Petromodernity is many things in one: historical and geographical non-fiction, cultural theory essay, and picture book. In forty-four short essays, inspired by an equal amount of pictorial findings, it develops a technical, geographical, political, and speculative panorama of the declining era of petroleum modernity.

We stroll through Baku, Rotterdam, and Louisiana, into Manchuria and through the Vienna Basin. We read Bertolt Brecht and technical manuals, as well as petroculture theory, and listen to Neil Young. We go to the moon, through refineries and over highways emptied by the COVID-19 pandemic. We confront petrochemistry with petromelancholy, catalysis with catharsis, cosmos with cosmetics. This book tackles the ambivalences of a substance that has been vital for our epoch in all its contradictions, and whose roles and meanings need to be understood in order to be able to leave this epoch behind.