Imprint Editor: Samuel Ray Jacobson (


REBOOT concerns itself with the production of new forms and formats for material, as itself generative of new narratives, discourses and other types of semantically-oriented modalities for knowledge-building. We follow the maxim that extraordinary and simple ideas can serve as parerga for transformative change; our conception is therefore minimal and broad, and consequentially our editorial practice sometimes exceeds that of traditional publishing to include content management and audio/video production, as well as some of the operations normally conducted by a general contractor. Because of its orientation towards formal novelty, it is not intended for the REBOOT to continue beyond five (5) years, or twenty-five (25) publications.

The imprint publishes singular works in all media, as well as those following periodical, serial or other iterative formats. Imprint authors are encouraged to use media not normally associated with publishing, including utilization of “new media” such as social media websites or messaging, as well as traditional non-literary media such as dance, drama, painting, sculpture, sound, space and the moving image. Traditionally-formatted and/or composed material to focus on the non-traditional approaches to literary and/or discursive form newly operative in the present will also be considered, especially in series or periodical form. Publications are not required to contain original work, but can be composed of formal reinterpretations of existing literature or other human aesthetic endeavors (music, art, architecture, et al). New projects are peer-reviewed by external editors at the discretion of Imprint Editor, and approved during regular quarterly meetings with punctum books.

PUBLICATIONS LIST (updated 10/13/2016)

  1. SCOPEOUT – 7 part miniseries of 24-hour live-streams, 10/2015 – 4/2016
  2. Keep It Dirty, Volume 2 – 12 part series of site-specific interventions, Joshua Tree CA, 1/2016 – 7/2018
  3. I AM STARVING – an aggregate study of found images in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, coming 2017