Keep It Dirty

Imprint Editor: Christian Hite (

Keep It Dirty is an affiliative network, a desiring-assemblage, the world’s largest public art project, an instruction, a movement, a fashion statement, and an online mixed-media journal that publishes content every Wednesday on a rolling basis. Oriented towards ecological consciousness raising and collective image production in the interest of posthuman environmental solidarity, Keep It Dirty is a site where everyone is invited to hail and confabulate and perform the dirty collectively. Keep It Dirty aims to wring the purposive guilt out of  sustainability and calls for a full-hearted embrace of everything we do bad, for good. This rhizomatic project vociferously rejects the moralizing, egocentric, and falsely prophetic ambitiousness of our start-up present, for a future consciousness of the duration of the dirty, earthy now. Keep It Dirty is also a love-in that practices Leo Bersani’s impersonal narcissism. It wants the shock of the touch of everyone’s dirtiness, but without any claims. Except on the future. You say you love the earth? Well, you need to get dirty, then. And tell others how to do it, too.

More information at the Keep It Dirty website.