3Ecologies Books: Immediations Series

Series Directors: SenseLab, Erin Manning (erintango@gmail.com), Brian Massumi (massumib@gmail.com), Andrew Goodman, Andrew Murphie, and Toni Pape

The 3 Ecologies


Layered and Interlinked

The smile spreads over the face, as the face fits itself onto the smile.

~ A.N. Whitehead

The aim of the Immediations imprint of 3Ecologies Books is to prolong the wonder sustaining philosophic thought into transdisciplinary encounters. Its premise is that concepts are for the enacting: they must be experienced. Thought is lived, else it expires. It is most intensely lived at the crossroads of practices, and in the in-between of individuals and their singular endeavors: enlivened in the weave of a relational fabric. Co-composition.

Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, when philosophic thought has done its best,
the wonder remains.

~ A.N. Whitehead

Which practices enter into co-composition will be left an open question, to be answered by the Immediations Series authors. Art practice, aesthetic theory, political theory, movement practice, media theory, maker culture, science studies, architecture, philosophy … the range is free. We invite you to roam it.

Alongside single-author monographs, we are keen to encourage experiments in collective writing and new forms of co-composition. Co-composition is an intercession, not a mediation. Begin in the middle. Catch a thinking in the midst and compose with it. Curate thought in the thinking-doing. Reinvent the book.



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