John Schad

John Schad is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of Lancaster, UK. His books include Victorians in Theory: From Derrida to Browning (Manchester, 1999), Queer Fish: Christian Unreason from Darwin to Derrida (Sussex, 2004), a memoir, Someone Called Derrida: An Oxford Mystery (Sussex, 2007), and a novel, The Late Walter Benjamin (Continuum, 2012). He has also had two retrospectives published — Hostage of the Word: Readings into Writings, 1993–2013 (Sussex, 2013) and John Schad in Conversation (De La Salle, 2015). He has read his work on BBC Radio 3’s “The Verb” and at various literary festivals, and has adapted his work for the stage, with productions at The Oxford Playhouse, Duke’s Theatre Lancaster, Watford Palace Theatre, HowTheLightGetsIn (Hay-on-Wye), and the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford.