punctum books stats

Number of books sold/downloaded

punctum books sells hardcopy books through Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), as paid downloads through the website during the graduated open access period (6 months), and directly to authors and bookshops using Paypal invoicing.

The following tables show the total book sales from June 2012 onward and are then broken down by income stream. Amazon/KDP book sales started in June 2012; paid downloads became available in December 2015; and Paypal invoicing has happened since November 2012.

The tables are colored by title. Hovering over the bar will provide title information.

Total sales

The following tables show the development of punctum books’ revenues since June 2012 in USD, EUR, and GBP. punctum books has currently 6 six distinct funding streams: hardcopy sales through Amazon/KDP; paid downloads and donations through Paypal Standard and Stripe; direct sales to authors and bookshops by Paypal Invoice; downstream rights (such as translation rights) to other publishers; and book processing charges (BPC) secured by authors. Note that punctum books has no mandatory BPCs.

Most popular titles

The following table presents the most popular titles in the punctum books catalog based on the number of sales/downloads (including free downloads), and the number of times a book page has been visited.


Download all rough data per title as PDF or CSV.