On Seeing Zac Efron Nude: Winner of CRUSH Poetry Contest


Earlier in March, we announced on Facebook a CRUSH POETRY CONTEST, inspired by the publication of Will Stockton and D. Gilson’s punctum book CRUSH, and we are pleased to day to announce the winner of that contest, Carlton D. Fisher, for his poem, “On Seeing Zac Efron Nude,” which we happily publish here:

On Seeing Zac Efron Nude (In commemoration of April 10th, 2012, the day nude photos

of Zac Efron leaked to the Internet)

It should be smaller.

In a world where there is justice,

anyone given those eyes,

that jaw line,

those perfect hips,

should have been made to pay somewhere.

But there it is,

amongst the long, clean lines

of flawless skin,

those perfectly toned muscles

that look molded from the finest chiseled forms—

the proof that the world is unjust.

For even in the sunlight

of a chilly Sydney morning,

it is, at the very least,


hanging full and perfect,

symmetrical and divinely proportioned—

the holy grail of web-cock.

You are Greek artistry,

perfectly sculpted as if by the gods.

The color of your skin

an even tone like the finest cream,

and I would worship at your temple,

bring you the freshest fruit,

feed you from a silver tray,

dab the stray bits of juice

from the corners of your mouth,

if for only a single moment

I could bask in the light of that smile.

Carlton D. Fisher is an Instructor in the English department at SUNY Jefferson Community College and a part-time doctoral student in the creative writing program at SUNY Binghamton. His work has appeared in Assaracus and The Paterson Literary Review, and is forthcoming in Sugar Mule, Lips, and Out of Sequence: the Sonnets Remixed. His is a native of northern New York, though he will never adjust to sub-zero temperatures.

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