A Cyborg’s Father: Misreading Donna Haraway


When his daughter, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an infant, becomes dependent on technology to stay alive, Dave Brennan sets off in search of a vision: what does it mean to live as a cyborg? And how might he best help his daughter navigate the relationship between machine and flesh? Beginning with a line[…]

The Mediterranean Question


Whose Mediterranean are we talking about? What languages are most appropriate to its reception and understanding? With two-thirds constituted by the histories and cultures of its African and Asian shorelines and hinterlands, and its principal spoken language – in all its variants and dialects – being Arabic, then the Mediterranean clearly exceeds the Western frame[…]

Winter Light


In the contemporary West, the elderly are now regarded as somehow “other,” no longer who they used to be, no longer full members of the worlds they once inhabited. Being old is seen as a medical management issue. But old age is not a defective version of what preceded it; it is, like childhood, adolescence,[…]

100 Chinese Silences



There are one hundred kinds of Chinese silence: the silence of unknown grandfathers; the silence of borrowed Buddha and rebranded Confucius; the silence of alluring stereotypes and exotic reticence. These poems make those silences heard. Writing back to an “orientalist” tradition that has defined modern American poetry, these 100 Chinese silences unmask the imagined Asias[…]

“FOLLOW THE PERSON”: Archival Encounters


Poet, novelist, translator, scholar and critical essayist extraordinaire, Ammiel Alcalay’s intrepid work has always moved across geographic, chronological, political, and linguistic borders. “FOLLOW THE PERSON”: Archival Encounters, gathers a dizzying array of texts by Alcalay written over the past fifteen years, all of them having something to do with archival materials. In Alcalay’s case, however,[…]

Cries from the Merry-Go-Round: A Fugue of Shouts from an Anti-Ableist Activist


Cries from the Merry-Go-Round: A Fugue of Shouts from an Anti-Ableist Activist is a work of creative activism that suggests a redefinition of what a shout can be. In this case, the Shouts are literary expressions that call attention to urgent, emergent, or continuing daily acts of micro- and macro-aggressions against people living with disabilities[…]

The View from Howard’s Fuck Pad: The Deep State, Bad White Men, and the Weird Noir of James Ellroy, Vol. 2: The Absurdity of Whiteness


Just like he collected airplanes, Hughes obsessively collected women, stashing them in the more than one hundred apartments, hotel rooms, and houses he owned around Hollywood. ~ Samantha Barbas, Confidential Confidential: The Inside Story of Hollywood’s Notorious Scandal Magazine Eric Wilson’s The View from Howard’s Fuck Pad is for those who have been cold-cocked by[…]