Dorothy Kim

Dorothy Kim is Assistant Professor of English, specializing in medieval literature, at Brandeis University. She was a 2013-2014 Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Frankel Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies where she finished a monograph entitled Jewish/Christian Entanglements: Ancrene Wisse and its Material Worlds (forthcoming from Toronto). She also has two books, Digital Whiteness and Medieval Studies and Decolonize the Middle Ages (forthcoming in 2018 with Arc Humanities). She is the co-project director in the NEH-funded Scholarly Editions and Translations project, An Archive of Early Middle English, a database for medieval English manuscripts from 1100–1348. In addition to Disrupting the Digital Humanities, she is also co-editing, with Adeline Koh, Alternative Histories of the Digital Humanities (forthcoming from punctum), which examines the difficult histories of the digital humanities in relation to race, sexuality, gender, disability, and fascism. She has co-written articles on “#GawkingatRapeCulture” and “TwitterEthics,” and has also written articles about “TwitterPanic” and “Social Media and Academic Surveillance” at Model View Culture. She is the medieval editor for The Orlando Project (version 2.0) and can be followed on Twitter @dorothyk98. She was named by Diverse: Issues in Higher Ed 2015 as an Emerging Scholar under 40.