Elliot C. Mason

Elliot C. Mason is a PhD candidate in Black studies and poetry at Uppsala University in Sweden. His essays and poetry have been widely published, including in the Journal of Italian Philosophy, Tribune, 3:AM, Magma, and SPAM. He has written three plays and translated contemporary poetry between English and Spanish, alongside his work on many exhibitions, talks, and performances with his group, Penny Drops Collective. He is the author of The Instagram Archipelago: Race, Gender, and the Lives of Dead Fish (Zer0 Books, 2022), and two collections of poetry: City Embers (Death of Workers Whilst Building Skyscrapers Press, 2021), and Materials for Building a City (Marble Books, 2021). A section of Building Black was shortlisted for the Fitzcarraldo Essay Prize 2020. A full list of publications and a selection of work is available on his website, pennydropscollective.org. Having lived in London for over ten years, in 2021 Mason moved with his partner, Eugenia Lapteva, to Stockholm.