Karin Bolender

Karin Bolender (aka K-Haw Hart) is an artist-researcher who seeks untold stories within muddy meshes of mammals, plants, pollinators, microbes, and many others. Under the auspices of the Rural Alchemy Workshop (R.A.W.), she cultivates a homegrown, collaborative living-art practice that explores dirty words and entangled wisdoms of earthly ecologies through performance, writing, video/sound installation, and other experimental arts of multispecies storytelling. Durational and site-specific projects and performances, including R.A.W. Assmilk Soap, Gut Sounds Lullaby, and Welcome to the Secretome, have taken place across the US and in Canada, Europe, and Australia. Her family herd lives in the forested Coast Range hills between the ocean and the Cascades in the US Pacific Northwest.