Kelvin Mason

Kelvin Mason is a writer, para-academic, and activist. His research focuses on social movements, ethics, and future imaginaries. Kelvin’s research contributions in human geography include developing a notion of landscape justice with respect to windfarm development, proposing a radical activist imperative for environmental citizenship, and constructively critiquing the space relational constraint of localism as an ethic in the Transition Town movement. Reviewing recent developments in participatory action research, Kelvin concluded that engaging with poststructuralist critique and an ethics of care can contribute to, respectively, the theoretical rigor and relational practice of the methodology. Kelvin has published previous work on nuclear weapons, Trident replacement, and academic activism. In their collaborative ventures, Kye Askins and Kelvin Mason have pushed the boundaries of expected and accepted forms of writing. Of a chapter they contributed to a volume on radical pedagogy, the editor wrote that is was ‘a game changer in terms of how we approach geographical enquiry […] being explicitly transgressive in the way they have written up their scholarship.”