Kye Askins

Kye Askins is a human geographer – and human – who does research on issues of identity, citizenship, emotions, and everyday geographies of resistance. She works especially with asylum seekers, refugees and more settled residents in the UK around building connections, re-envisioning “integration,” and enabling capacities for emancipatory change. Her most recent research explores how mundane geographies dis/enable “meaningful” encounters between long-term residents and newcomers to inner city areas. Her approach is actively engaged research that, in theory and in practice, challenges dominant discourses and structures of exclusion, and emphasizes participants as co-producers of knowledge. More broadly, Kye’s research and teaching is embedded in struggles for environmental and social justice; her work on nuclear disarmament ties into this wider understanding of geography as a way to not only “know” the world, but through which to re-make it in more sustainable, liveable, and equitable ways.