Linda Knight

Linda Knight is an artist and academic who specializes in critical and speculative arts practices and methods. Linda devised “Inefficient Mapping” as a methodologic protocol for conducting fieldwork in projects informed by immanent and speculative theories. In her role as Associate Professor at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia, Linda creates transdisciplinary projects across early childhood, creative practice, and digital media. Together with Jacina Leong, Linda is a founding member of the Guerrilla Knowledge Unit, an artist collective that curates interface jamming performances between the public and AI-enabled technologies.

Linda has exhibited in Australia, UK, USA, and Canada and has been awarded arts research grants and prizes with international reach and impact. Linda’s current research includes a Queensland Education Horizons project to map children’s science learning through nature play, and an Australian Research Council Discovery project to explore how novel technologies frame and enable young children’s active play.