Simone Ferracina

Simone Ferracina is a Lecturer in Architectural Design/Detail at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), The University of Edinburgh, where his research and teaching investigate radical modes of co-authorship, the reactivation of wastes and metabolic design. Simone received a PhD in Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought from the European Graduate School. He is the founder and editor of the online journal Organs Everywhere (Œ), and the director of the Œ Case Files imprint in collaboration with punctum books. He has published, performed and exhibited work internationally, and his monograph on design potentials and radical reuse (Ecologies of Inception: Designing Hyperobjects, Routledge, 2022) is forthcoming. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, Simone was a researcher at Newcastle University and, for over a decade, an Associate and Project Manager/Architect at Richard Meier & Partners Architects in New York City, with award-winning projects in Italy, Czech Republic, and Taiwan.