Tim Gaze

Tim Gaze began his writing career writing quirky short stories and experimental poetry, sometimes using computer programs to manipulate words. More recently, he began exploring illegible writing and non-alphabetical symbols. He founded Asemic magazine in 1999, which has grown from a folded pamphlet to a 100 page book. Attempting to understand the illegible “asemic” domain, he has written some short essays, some of them published in English or in translation. Even more recently, he is creating abstract narratives using inkblot shapes. Asemic writing, visual poetry or abstract comics are the best descriptions for some of his creations. His longer works include noology (Arrum Press) and 100 Scenes (Transgressor/asemic editions). He also makes sound recordings for fun, ranging from sound poetry to electronic soundscapes and field recordings. Tim lives in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, close to trees.