The Gentrified City of God: Queer & Medieval New York, from 9/11 to COVID-19


The United States is a spiritual wasteland—a two-party dictatorship that worships money and that eats human beings alive, where racial and gender oppression attack the body, and where partisan polarization stifles the mind. In The Gentrified City of God, A.W. Strouse—a promiscuous gay Catholic and a scholar of the Middle Ages—brings together radical queer anarchism[…]

The(y)ology: Mythopoetics for Queer/Trans Liberation

Published: 06/01/2023

Every body contains multitudes, but no body is immune to the ideology of oneness: one true self, one sexuality, one gender, one vision of the world, one true God. For many who identify (or who have been named by others) as transgender, queer, and nonbinary, the refusal to fit within the illusion of one set[…]

Hephaestus Reloaded / Efesto Reloaded

Published: 12/13/2019

Hephaestus Reloaded / Efesto Reloaded, presented in a bilingual (English/Italian) publication, and whose five authors are from Greece, Italy, and the US, invokes as its first inspiration the myth of Hephaestus who embodied a twofold entity: both disabled and technically capacious. The myth of Hephaestus has been passed across the centuries as an ancient metaphor[…]