Speculative September NYC

September 2011 promises to be a perfect storm moment for the convergence of Speculative Realists and Object-Oriented Ontologists in New York City from about September 8th through the 17th, with collective appearances by Jane Bennett, Levi Bryant, Graham Harman, Timothy Harman, Steven Shaviro, Ben Woodard, and others. A more detailed [if still a bit tentative] schedule of events can be perused HERE [from Ben Woodard at Speculative Heresy].

Relative to titles forthcoming from punctum books, we are excited to share here also the final line-up for Speculative Medievalisms 2: A Laboratory-Atelier, to be held at the Segal Theatre, The Graduate Center, CUNY on Friday, September 16th. This event comprises the follow-up to our first laboratory-atelier, held at King’s College London on January 14, 2011, the full program and audiofiles for which, along with the precis for the Speculative Medievalisms project, can be found HERE. The line-up for our NYC event is as follows:

Anna Klosowska [Miami University of Ohio], “Aristotelean Aesthetics, East and West.”

Allan Mitchell [University of Victoria], “Cosmic Eggs, or, Events Before Everything.”

Kellie Robertson [University of Wisconsin-Madison], “Abusing Aristotle, from Phyllis to Graham Harman”

RESPONSE to Kellie Robertson: Drew Daniel [Johns Hopkins University + Matmos]

Julian Yates [University of Delaware], “Kitchen Shakespeare.”

RESPONSE to Julian Yates: Liza Blake [New York University]

Jeffrey Cohen [George Washington University + In The Middle], “Sublunary.”

RESPONSE to Jeffrey Cohen: Ben Woodard [Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario + Naught Thought]

Graham Harman [American University in Cairo + Object-Oriented Philosophy], “Aristotle With a Twist.”

RESPONSE to Graham Harman: Patricia Clough [Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY]

More detailed information about the program, plus information on how to pre-register, can be found HERE. punctum books will be publishing the proceedings of both laboratory-ateliers in 2012, in a volume edited by The Petropunk Collective [Eileen Joy, Anna Klosowska, Nicola Masciandaro, and Michael O’Rourke].


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