Earth, Milky Way: punctum books, 2017. 280 pages, illus. ISBN-13: 978-1-947447-20-2. DOI: 10.21983/P3.0184.1.00. OPEN-ACCESS e-book + $23.00 in print: paperbound/6.14 X 9.21 in.

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies 4

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies offers a platform in which the old meets the new, in which archaeological, papyrological, and philological research into Meroitic, Old Nubian, Coptic, Greek, and Arabic sources confront current investigations in modern anthropology and ethnography, Nilo-Saharan linguistics, and critical and theoretical approaches present in post-colonial and African studies. Dotawo gives a common home to the past, present, and future of one of the richest areas of research in African studies. It offers a crossroads where papyrus can meet internet, scribes meet critical thinkers, and the promises of growing nations meet the accomplishments of old kingdoms.

Place names in Nubia have only received limited attention so far. The need for such a study guided the decision to dedicate the fourth volume of Dotawo to this very issue. Place names are by nature dynamic and may shift over the course of the centuries. Therefore, toponymy is particularly apt to diachronical studies and offer fertile ground for multi-disciplinary analysis. The contents of the volume embrace a wide time frame (from the beginning of recorded history until today) and consist of contributions from scholars active in all fields of Nubian Studies (philology, linguistics, history, archaeology, etc.). The goal has been to gather into one publication the fruits of the collaboration of specialists working with all sorts of theoretical and methodological tools on the successive periods of Nubian history with a focus on the names that identified the micro- and macro-localities where this history was taking place.


‘Abd al-Halīm Sabbār and Herman Bell – Endangered Toponymy along the Nubian Nile

Richard Holton Pierce – Nubian Toponyms in Medieval Nubian Sources

Daniele Salvoldi and Klaus Geus – A Historical Comparative Gazetteer for Nubia

Antonios Chaldeos – Sudanese Toponyms Related to Greek Entrepreneurial Activity

Julien Cooper – Toponymic Strata in Ancient Nubia until the Common Era

Dorota Dzierzbicka – Local Amphora Stoppers from Old Dongola as Sources in the Study of Toponyms

Robin Seignobos – Bāb al-Nūbī: Urban Toponymy and Nubians in Medieval Baghdad (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 1)

Alexandros Tsakos – On Place Names Used by Nubians for Places outside Nubia (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 2)

Adam Łajtar and Grzegorz Ochała – Ase: A Toponym and/or a Personal Name (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 3)

Adam Łajtar and Grzegorz Ochała – An Unexpected Guest in the Church of Sonqi Tino (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 4)

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and Alexandros Tsakos – The Etymology of the Toponym “Pourgoundi” (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 5)

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and Alexandros Tsakos – The Etymology of the Toponym “Dorginarti” (Notes on Medieval Nubian Toponymy 6)

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