Earth, Milky Way: punctum books, 2019. 192 pages, illus. ISBN-13: 978-1-950192-6-56. DOI: 10.21983/P3.0321.1.00. OPEN-ACCESS e-book and $21.00 in print: paperbound/6.14 X 9.25 in.

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies 6: Miscellanea Nubiana

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies offers a platform in which the old meets the new, in which archaeological, papyrological, and philological research into Meroitic, Old Nubian, Coptic, Greek, and Arabic sources confront current investigations in modern anthropology and ethnography, Nilo-Saharan linguistics, and the critical and theoretical approaches of postcolonial and African studies. Dotawo gives a common home to the past, present, and future of one of the richest areas of research in African studies. It offers a crossroads where papyrus can meet the internet, scribes meet critical thinkers, and the promises of growing nations meet the accomplishments of older kingdoms.

Bringing together a collection of articles that were first presented as papers at the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds in 2016 and additional articles, the sixth volume of Dotawo showcases a diverse richness of topics concerning Nubia. The articles within this volume attest to the cultural, linguistic, geographic, and demographic diversity witnessed throughout Nubian history nationally and internationally amongst its neighbours, both near and far.


Olivia Adankpo-Labadie – An Ethiopian Fugitive Allied with a Nubian King? Ēwosṭātēwos and Sābʾa Nol at Nobā through Hagiographical Narrative

Adam Simmons – A Note towards Quantifying the Medieval Nubian Diaspora

Effrosyni Zacharopoulou – The Memories of Byzantium as Preserved in Nubia’s Political Ideology after the 7th Century CE

Henriette Hafsaas – The Nubian Frontier as a Refuge Area Warrior Society between c. 1200 and c. 1800 CE: A Comparison between Nubia and Refuge Areas in the Ottoman Balkans

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei – For Sale: Geography in Old Nubian Land Sales

Asmaa Taha – From Nub to Dahab: The Lexical Shift of Fadija Nobiin to Arabic in Egypt

Jana Eger, Tim Karberg, and Angelika Lohwasser – Medieval Presence at the Periphery of the Nubian State of Makuria: Examples from the Wadi Abu Dom and the Jebel al-Ain

Titus Kennedy – The Land of the š3sw (Nomads) of yhw3 at Soleb

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