A rollercoaster of an adventure that pushes over the edge of horror and the supernatural, witchcraft, and strange transformations that will mystify, fascinate, and delight you till the end!

~ Samuel R. Delany on Hex

[A] genre-blend that works magic … [and] reaffirms Scott as one of our brightest literary lights.

~ Out Magazine on Hex

The Dream-Slaves

In Darieck Scott’s novel Dream-Slaves, our universe is dead. But everything each of us have ever experienced and knew for all the years of recorded human history lives on, preserved under the care of massive, unimaginably powerful artificial intelligences built to ferry our memories to a new universe so that we might live again. These AI aim to replay human history exactly as it happened before. But the powers indigenous to the new world are fighting back. In the center of this war between old and new powers is Aleixo, who discovers the role he will play in this new world—as a Dream-Slave. Aleixo will lead the struggle for emancipation as he deals with his own quandary: Is he human, or just a dream?