Brooklyn, NY: punctum books, 2014. 108 pages, illus. ISBN-13: 978-0-692-22680-3. DOI: 10.21983/P3.0069.1.00. OPEN-ACCESS e-book and $19.00 in print: paperbound/4.25 X 6.88 in.

Having J.G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick as the two protagonists of the papers collected in this volume constitutes an indirect way to reflect on architecture as a technology. Juxtaposing these two authors creates a dialogue that may be as relevant as the most theoretical work dedicated to this subject.

The Funambulist Pamphlets 9: Science Fiction

The Funambulist Pamphlets is a series of small books archiving articles published on The Funambulist, collected according to specific themes. These volumes propose a different articulation of texts than the usual chronological one. The eleven volumes are respectively dedicated to Spinoza, Foucault, Deleuze, Legal Theory, Occupy Wall Street, Palestine, Cruel Designs, Arakawa + Madeline Gins, Science Fiction, Literature, and Cinema. See all published pamphlets HERE.

Vol. 09_Science Fiction includes: Introduction: When James Graham Ballard meets Philip K. Dick, What Do They Talk About? — Science Fiction as an Inventor of Dilemmas: From Utopia to Apocalypse (by Peter Paik) — 2037 (by Raja Shehadeh) — Collision, Sexuality and Resistance — Ballardian Landscapes: Desacralizing Thaumaturgic Modernity — The Fouled Beauty of James Graham Ballard — Letter to James Graham Ballard (April 14th 2009) — Psychotropic Houses (by James Graham Ballard) — The Brutal Art of Enki Bilal — The Work of Philip K. Dick: Between Paranoia and Schizophrenia — Funambulist Paper #03: Transcendent Delusion or; The Dangerous Free Spaces of Phillip K. Dick (by Martin Byrne) — Untitled Narrative #002 (Feral Garage) (by Martin Byrne) — Labyrinths and Other Metaphysical Constructions: Interview with Marc-Antoine Mathieu — Overpopulated Cities / The Concentration City, Billennium, L’Origine & Soylent Green — Fahrenheit 451 (excerpts by Ray Bradbury) — Never Let Me Go (by Mark Romanek) — The Declamatory Porcelain Architectures of Serge Brussolo


The Funambulist Pamphlets is published as part of the Documents Initiative imprint of the Center for Transformative Media, Parsons The New School for Design, a transdisciplinary media research initiative bridging design and the social sciences, and dedicated to the exploration of the transformative potential of emerging technologies upon the foundational practices of everyday life across a range of settings.

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