Exegesis of a Renunciation – Esegesi di una rinuncia


Published: 10/14/2014

“The brutality of symbol is visual war. The maze confuses the poetic solitude of the verbal impressed in the pragmatic obol. Manifesto, nervous reflex of language out of control but not without focus, unexpectedly touches the reaction converting the suit interpret-action roar of consciousness. Phonemes-hoplites, the galvanized armor prepares the final siege, it is time[…]

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting


Published: 08/26/2013

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting is the first book-length publication to collect the work of a community of writers on the edges of illegibility. Asemic writing is a galaxy-sized style of writing, which is everywhere yet remains largely unknown. For human observers, asemic writing may appear as lightning from a storm, a crack in the sidewalk,[…]