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Published: 06/30/2014

Companion CD + Cassette Available at Punctum Records HERE: Minóy on Limited Edition Cassette Minóy on CD Minóy is a rescue operation with several life rafts. Minóy-the-book provides an introduction and overview to the important noise music artist Minóy — the pseudonym of American electronic art musician and sound artist Stanley Keith Bowsza (1951-2010). Minóy’s[…]

Zone de Sensibilité Digitale Immatérielle

From Andreas Burckhardt, an artwork inspired by Eileen Joy, Dan Rudmann (Director, punctum records), and Andreas Burckhardt’s discussion, held at The Public School New York last September, on the new business (or is it mutual aid?) of music, on sound art, on whether or not an avant-garde is still possible, and how it is we[…]