Obiter Dicta


Published: 10/14/2021

Stitched together over five years of journaling, Obiter Dicta is a commonplace book of freewheeling explorations representing the transcription of a dozen notebooks, since painstakingly reimagined for publication. Organized after Theodor Adorno’s Minima Moralia, this unschooled exercise in aesthetic thought—gleefully dilettantish, oftentimes dangerously close to the epigrammatic—interrogates an array of subject matter (although inescapably circling[…]

Poetry Vocare


Published: 01/23/2011

Poetry Vocare is the first collection of poetry published by young American poet A. Staley Groves. A dense fabric of resemblances and reflections, this work engages with Wallace Stevens, Ossip Mandelstam, and Emily Dickinson. In addition to poems Groves gives a supplement of prose, a short essay titled “Affirmation of Instruction.” Poetry scholar Judith Balso wrote[…]