Animal Emotions: How They Drive Human Behavior

Animal Emotions: How They Drive Human Behavior gives a concise overview about ancient mammalian emotions deeply rooted in the human brain. Jaak Panksepp, a world-renowned neuroscientist from the USA, dedicated his life career to the study of mammalian emotions and carved out seven distinct emotional systems he called seeking, lust, care, play (positive emotions) and fear, anger, sadness (negative emotions): all exerting tremendous influence on our human behavior.

Christian Montag, a German neuroscientist/psychologist from a younger generation and a long-time collaborator of Jaak Panksepp, revisits together with Kenneth L. Davis, one of Jaak’s PhD students, Panksepp’s theory and provides the reader with easily accessible insights into the nature of emotions and their role as survival tools in our modern society. Finally, they raise new questions on the background of the research field Jaak Panksepp coined “Affective Neuroscience.” How are personality and psychopathology linked to animal emotions? Do animals feel the same way as we do? And what are our emotional needs in digital societies and what is key to a happy life?

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