Queer Communal Kinship Now!

Queer Communal Kinship is a long overdue replacement for the naturalized model of the modern western family;
a post-capitalist regime of social reproduction, aiming for redistributive justice through the politics of pleasure;
a timely proposal for the demise of possessive and accumulative ideology, and the upsurge of a counter-imaginary;
a manifesto for the collectivization of reproductive labor;
an ethical conceptual framework for a joyful cultural shift:
Queer Communal Kinship Now!

Both handbook and personal narrative, this work discusses the conceptual leaps required to emancipate ourselves from the conventional western family model, towards different regimes of bonding, care, and attention, to allow us to imagine a different type of social reality driven by queer and feminist ethical concerns. Directed to those interested in building families and wondering how not to repeat the mistakes of their parents, Queer Communal Kinship Now! offers radical ways of rethinking being together.



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