AUDIOFILE: Ecologies Roundtable Session (Oliphaunt Books)

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your garden shears. ~Lowell Duckert, “Recreation” The roundtable session on “Ecologies,” organized by Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and sponsored by George Washington University’s Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute [GW-MEMSI] for the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan this past May, was a memorable event, featuring lively, provocative,[…]

Like a Radio Left On / On the Outskirts of Identical Cities: Living (with) Fradenburg

Figure 1. Aranye Fradenburg delivering her plenary address at the 1st Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group, Austin, Texas [Nov. 2010] by EILEEN JOY . . . obscure / forces are at work / like a radio left on / On the outskirts of / identical cities. ~Ben Lerner, “Doppler Elegies” Like a radio[…]

Help Wanted: Steal This University

by EILEEN JOY What enables us to risk change is the feeling that we are understood and (therefore) accompanied. –L.O. Aranye Fradenburg, “Living Chaucer”   Jeffrey Cohen blogged at In The Middle a few weeks ago about the Exemplaria conference, held in early February at University of Texas-Austin, on “Surface, Symptom, and the State of[…]