Left Bank Dream

Published: 12/26/2014

Left Bank Dream stages three characters longing for Paris. Their longing for place and the poetry of exile converge in the iconic figure of Charles Baudelaire. Recognized after his death and subsequently revered by surrealists and modernists as one of the most significant modern European poets, Baudelaire in his own time frightened many of his[…]

Speculations V: Aesthetics in the 21st Century


Published: 05/15/2014

Ever since the turn of the century aesthetics has steadily gained momentum as a central field of study across the disciplines. No longer sidelined, aesthetics has grown in confidence. While this recent development brings with it a return to the work of the canonical authors (most notably Baumgarten and Kant), some contemporary scholars reject the[…]

Intimate Bureaucracies

Published: 03/09/2012

Intimate Bureaucracies is a history from the future looking backward at our present moment as a turning point. Our systems of organization and control appear unsustainable and brutal, and we are feeling around in the dark for alternatives. Using experiments in social organization in downtown New York City, and other models of potential alternative social[…]