Book of Anonymity

Digital technologies challenge what anonymity means, how it might be achieved and why it matters. Current and future media, information, identification, and surveillance technologies and dictums of transparency are transforming how anonymity is being done and undone.

The Book of Anonymity brings together contributions by social anthropologists, sociologists, media scholars, art historians, and artists. It features ethnographic research, conceptual work and artistic practice conducted in France, Germany, India, Iran, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. From police to hacking cultures, from Bitcoin to sperm donation, from Yik-Yak to Amazon and Ikea, from DNA to Big Data – the contributions address how configurations and reconfigurations of anonymity shape everyday worlds, and with them our concepts of privacy, private property, person, self, kin, addiction, currency, and labor.

The experiments, empirical research and theoretical reflections provide a kaleidoscopic vision of the political, ethical and conceptual ambivalences and shifting contours of contemporary anonymity regimes. The book is edited by the Anon Collective, and the contributions are published anonymously. It is an experiment in anonymity and an intervention into the valuation regimes of academic and artistic knowledge production.

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