Originally published 2011; digital edition: Earth, Milky Way: punctum books, 2020. 354 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1-953035-02-8. DOI: 10.21983/P3.0344.1.00.

Speculations II

From the Editorial Introduction:

If the first volume of Speculations was enough of an explicit wager, a willing blind leap in the terra incognita of the publishing world, then this volume forces us to stop and evaluate the reasons for the journal’s protracted existence. This is all the more important when we consider how the range of meanings of the term ‘speculative realism’ seems to be growing—with increasing numbers of thinkers situating themselves in its trail, or holding a somewhat cautious interest in it—while its e ective reference seems nowhere to be found. …


ARTICLES / “Tractatus Mathematico-Politicus: On Alain Badiou’s Being and Event,” Christopher Norris — “The Philosopher, the Sophist, the Undercurrent and Alain Badiou,” Marianna Papastephanou — “On the Reality and Construction of Hyperobjects with Reference to Class,” Levi R. Bryant — “Structure, Sense and Territory,” Michael Austin — “The Anxiouness of Objects and Artworks: Michael Fried, Object Oriented Ontology and Aesthetic Absorption — “The Cubist Object: Black Boxes, Überrealism and the Metaphysics of Perspectives,” Hilan Bensusan — “Correlationism Reconsidered: On the ‘Possibility of Ignorance’ in Meillassoux,” Josef Moshe — “Sublime Objects,” Timothy Morton — “Unknowing Animals,” Nicola Masciandaro

POSITION PAPERS  / “Networkologies: A Manifesto, Section II,” Christopher Vitale — “Girls Welcome!!!: Speculative Realism, Object Oriented Ontology and Queer Theory,” Michael O’Rourke

INTERVIEW / “Science and Philosophy: A Conversation with Sean Carroll,” Fabio Gironi

REVIEWS /After Life by Eugene Thacker,” Anthony Paul Smith — “Insect Media: An Archeology of Animals and Technology by Jussi Parikka,” Beatrica Marovich — “Towards Speculative Realism by Graham Harman,” Fintan Neylan

N.B. Only the ebook has been released by punctum books. The print copy is available through various online resellers.

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