Brooklyn, NY: punctum books, 2015. 332 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-692-59397-4. DOI: 10.21983/P3.0122.1.00. OPEN-ACCESS e-book and $24.00 in print: paperbound/5.83 X 8.27 in.

Speculations VI

In this sixth issue of Speculations, a serial imprint created to explore post-continental philosophy and speculative realism, a wide range of contemporary philosophical issues pertaining to the contemporary philosophical scene is touched upon, from the continental realism of Tristan Garcia, Graham Harman and Quentin Meillassoux to the ‘new realism’ of Maurizio Ferraris, from Lacanian and Laurellian speculations to the synthetic philosophy of Fernando Zalamea’s mathematics.


ARTICLES / “Garcia’s Paradox,” Mark Ohm and Jon Cogburn — “Lacking Causes: Privative Causality from Locke and Kant to Lacan and Deacon,” Adrian Johnston —  “Non-philosophy, the ‘No’ Button, and a Brief Philo-fiction,” Randall Johnson — “Speculating on the Absolute,” Bart Zantwoort — “Why not nothing? Meillassoux’s second figure of factiality and metaphysical nihilism,” James T. Hill — “New Realism: A Short Introduction,” Maurizio Ferraris

DIALOGUE / A Dialogue between Graham Harman and Tristan Garcia

REVIEW ESSAY / Review Essay on Fernando Zalamea’s “Synthetic Philosophy of Contemporary Mathematics,” Giuseppe Longo — “Answer to Giuseppe Longo,” Fernando Zalamea

REVIEWS / Review of Christopher Norris, Derrida, Badiou and the Formal Imperative, Paul Livingston — Review of Simon O’Sullivan, On the Production of Subjectivity, Jeff Bell — Review of Graham Harman, Weird Realism: Lovecraft and Philosophy, Sebastian Normandin — Review of Patricia MacCormack, Posthuman Ethics: Embodiment and Cultural Theory, James Stanescu

ISSN# 2327-803X

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