The Fight for Black Liberation: Breaking the Political Strings in the Post-Trump Era

The presidency of Donald J. Trump unveiled the calamity of white America’s determination to maintain so-called societal order during a period of landmark racial upheaval. From the death of George P. Floyd, Jr. and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020, to the 2021 winter insurrection and the post-2020 restrictive presidential election voting measures led by conservatives, we see an ongoing demonstration of white America’s seemingly intractable racist traditions and its unfulfilled commitment to equality.

The Fight for Black Liberation presents a political critique of the current state of Black America in the post-Trump era. Hoston argues that amid continued structural, institutional, and systemic barriers, Black people in America must establish political independence and demand a Black political agenda to chart a path toward a Black Liberation movement. Operating under the premise that what has politically hindered the process of reaching a Black Liberation movement has been Black Americans’ assimilative loyalty to the false constructs of partisanship and ideology, this book encourages Black eligible voters, Black Democrats, Black Republicans, and those of other political parties and affiliations to abstain from the two-party system and become an independent voting bloc willing to give the Black vote to a chosen party in a free partisan market that best represents Black interests.