Works for Works, Book 2: "No Rights"

Works for Works, Book 2: “No Rights” privileges works-based agency (praxis) in literary-artistic scholarship. The principal focus of the Franciscan-inspired embrace of a “no rights” status for works of literary-artistic scholarship is toward freeing both author and works from forms of technocratic determinism and neo-utilitarianism associated with regimes of intellectual property rights law and platform cultures. Engaging with, and then dispensing with, the concept of “the artistic exception,” a holdover from modernist justifications for art in/for itself, the project nonetheless restores the primacy of the work itself through disconnecting author and work toward a transfiguration of both author and work and the substantiation of a new ecosystem for radical works of artistic-critical inquiry.

Works for Works, Book 2: “No Rights” follows upon Works for Works, Book 1: Useless Beauty (2022), a structuralist-inspired survey and exposé of the immanentist paradox artist-scholars inhabit in the post-contemporary transition from modernist and post-modernist reflexivity to forms of cultural production that favor no singular raison d’être or socio-cultural, socio-economic, and socio-political bias.