Writing Death


Published: 06/06/2011

Writing Death opens a meditation on the possibility of mourning; of whether there is a subject, or even object, that one mourns—of whether one is mourning, can only mourn, the very impossibility of mourning itself. The manuscript is framed by two attempts at mourning—Avital Ronell’s “The Tactlessness of an Unending Fadeout” and Jeremy Fernando’s “adieu.” In-between—for[…]

Poetry Vocare


Published: 01/23/2011

Poetry Vocare is the first collection of poetry published by young American poet A. Staley Groves. A dense fabric of resemblances and reflections, this work engages with Wallace Stevens, Ossip Mandelstam, and Emily Dickinson. In addition to poems Groves gives a supplement of prose, a short essay titled “Affirmation of Instruction.” Poetry scholar Judith Balso wrote[…]