Poetry from Beyond the Grave


Published: 10/05/2013

Poetry from Beyond the Grave is the first English publication of a large selection of poems by the Brazilian medium and Spiritist leader Francisco Cândido “Chico” Xavier. These poems, originally collected in the volume Parnaso de Além-Túmulo, were dictated to Xavier by a variety of spirits of Brazilian poets from the afterlife, as journeying souls or as witnesses[…]

The Guerrilla Is like a Poet – Ang Gerilya Ay Tulad ng Makata


Published: 09/27/2013

This book is titled after the world-renowned poem of Jose Maria Sison, “The Guerrilla Is Like a Poet,” which celebrates with natural imagery and in a lyrical way the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy against foreign and feudal oppression and exploitation. The book contains poems from Sison’s Prison and Beyond, which won[…]

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting


Published: 08/26/2013

An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting is the first book-length publication to collect the work of a community of writers on the edges of illegibility. Asemic writing is a galaxy-sized style of writing, which is everywhere yet remains largely unknown. For human observers, asemic writing may appear as lightning from a storm, a crack in the sidewalk,[…]

On Blinking


Published: 08/23/2012

On Blinking opens a dossier on seeing. It looks not only to the epistemological sense of what it means to see or the hermeneutical sense of what is the meaning of that which is seen but attends to various sites of knowledge – photography, literature, and philosophy. And in doing so, it questions the privileging of presence and sight in[…]



Published: 08/21/2012

Euripides wrote two plays called Hippolytus. In this, the second, he dramatized the tragic failure of perfection. This translation comes in two forms; the first presents a simulacrum of the text as it might have appeared in unprocessed form to a reader sometime shortly after Euripides’ death. The second processes the drama into the reduced but[…]

A Neo Tropical Companion


Published: 01/26/2012

A Neo Tropical Companion is the first collection of haikus written by Xiu Xiu singer, Jamie Stewart. This is the first time his haikus, which have been featured in several literary journals and small press releases, will be comprehensively collected. Two thirds of the work will include new poems written for specifically for this book. The title, A Neo Tropical[…]

The Miracle of Saint Mina – Gis Miinan Nokkor


Published: 01/05/2012

The Miracle of Saint Mina is one of the core texts in the small corpus of texts written in Old Nubian, a Nilo-Saharan language spoken between the third and fourth cataract of the Nile river until about the fifteenth century, and written in an adaptation of the Coptic script. It is one of the oldest written[…]

paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic


Published: 10/10/2011

paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic is the definitive edition of the grand Klingon epic of the Kahless the Unforgettable (qeylIS lIjlaHbogh pagh). The story of Kahless is a tale of legendary proportions comparable to those of our own ancient heroes Hercules, Ulysses and Gilgamesh. Betrayed by his brother and witness to his father’s brutal slaying, Kahless is pitted against[…]