Crossings: Migrant Knowledges, Migrant Forms

Flowers for Marx

Nairobi Becoming: Security, Uncertainty, Contingency

Oblation: Essays, Parables, and Paradoxes

Desire: Subject, Sexuation, and Love

Analogical City

Historiographies of Game Studies: What It Has Been, What It Could Be

The Great Singing Sea: A Guide for Magical, Neuroexpansive Children (and Everyone Else)

Signs of the Great Refusal: The Coming Struggle for a Postwork Society

The Social Properties of Concrete

Feminist Solidarities after Modulation

Solarities: Elemental Encounters and Refractions

The Pandemic Visual Regime: Visuality and Performativity in the Covid-19 Crisis

The Fight for Black Liberation: Breaking the Political Strings in the Post-Trump Era

Widening Scripts: Cultivating Feminist Care in Academic Labor

Barge Life: On Jean Vigo’s “L’Atalante”

Redacted: Writing in the Negative Space of the State

One Thing Follows Another: Experiments in Dance, Art, and Life through the Lens of Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer

Evil Twins and the Ultimate Insight: Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov, and the Polarized Politics of Reading

The Ruins of Solitude

Works for Works, Book 2: “No Rights”

Recovering the Radical Promise of Superheroes: Un/Making Worlds

Burning Diagrams in Anthropology: An Inverse Museum

Speaking with the Dead: An Ethnography of Extrahuman Experience

Wilhelm Reich versus the Flying Saucers: An American Tragedy

Alone in the Dark: Cinephilia and the Heroic Imagination

Lamma: A Journal of Libyan Studies 2

In Defense of Don Giovanni: A Feminist Mythobiography


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