Hephaestus Reloaded – Efesto Reloaded

’Pataphilology: An Irreader

The Anthology of Babel

Where the Tiny Things Are: Feathered Essays

Of the Contract

Philosophy for Militants

Elemental Disappearances

Dear Professor: A Chronicle of Absences

An Unspecific Dog: Artifacts of This Late Stage in History

CMOK to YOu To

Solar Calendar: And Other Ways of Marking Time

MATCHES: A Light Book

Humid, All Too Humid: Overheated Observations

[provisional self-evidence]

A Rushed Quality

The Petroleum Manga


A Sanctuary of Sounds

In Divisible Cities

Ostranenie: On Shame and Knowing

The Death of Conrad Unger: Some Conjectures Regarding Parasitosis and Associated Suicide Behavior