Sweet Spots: Writing the Connective Tissue of Relation

Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: An Actual Occasion

Between Spaces/Between Species: Art and Science on the Outer Cape

Animal Emotions: How They Drive Human Behavior

Testing Knowledge: Toward an Ecology of Diagnosis, Preceded by the Dingdingdong Manifesto

The Unnaming of Aliass

Diseases of the Head: Essays on the Horrors of Speculative Philosophy

Museum of Nonhumanity

Anthropocene Unseen: A Lexicon

Last Year at Betty and Bob’s: A Novelty

Vital Reenchantments: Biophilia, Gaia, Cosmos, and the Affectively Ecological

The Bodies That Remain

Language Parasites: Of Phorontology

After the “Speculative Turn”: Realism, Philosophy, and Feminism

And Another Thing: Nonanthropocentrism and Art

Bigger Than You: Big Data and Obesity

Posthuman Lear: Reading Shakespeare in the Anthropocene

History According to Cattle

Oceanic New York


Inhuman Nature

Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene

The Petroleum Manga

Making the Geologic Now


On an Ungrounded Earth

Leper Creativity: Cyclonopedia Symposium