all except you

From Kanye to Ye: The Legacy of Unconditional Love

Ontohackers: Radical Movement Philosophy in the Age of Algorithms

Mineral Policies

A Credible Utopia: Essays on Selected Films of Werner Schroeter

Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices

Out of Place: Artists, Pedagogy, and Purpose


Letters on the Autonomy Project

Pitch and Revelation: Reconfigurations of Reading, Poetry, and Philosophy through the Work of Jay Wright

Works for Works, Book 1: Useless Beauty


Queer and Bookish: Eve Kosofksy Sedgwick as Book Artist


Inefficient Mapping: A Protocol for Attuning to Phenomena

ΠCase Files, Vol. 01

Still Life: Notes on Barbara Loden’s “Wanda” (1970)

Cinema’s Doppelgängers

Broken Narrative: The Politics of Contemporary Art in Albania

Siting Futurity: The “Feel Good” Tactical Radicalism of Contemporary Culture in and around Vienna

Between Species/Between Spaces: Art and Science on the Outer Cape

The Event of Art

Some Ways of Making Nothing: Apophatic Apparatuses in Contemporary Art

Making a Laboratory: Dynamic Configurations with Transversal Video

Complementary Modernisms in China and the United States: Art as Life/Art as Idea

Museum of Nonhumanity

A Manga Perfeita

The Perfect Mango

Sacred Views of Saint Francis: The Sacro Monte di Orta

Post Memes: Seizing the Memes of Production