Xenoflesh: Vegan Poetics and Capitalocene Meat

Dancing with Philoctetes: Reflections on Pain and Remembrance

The Before and the After: Critical Asynchrony Now

Evil Twins and the Ultimate Insight: Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov, and the Polarized Politics of Reading

Recovering the Radical Promise of Superheroes: Un/Making Worlds

The Presence of Absence: Meditations on the Unsayable in Writing

Voices from Nubia: Critical Essays on Contemporary Nubian Literature from Egypt

Lamma: A Journal of Libyan Studies 2

The View from Howard’s Fuck Pad: The Deep State, Bad White Men, and the Weird Noir of James Ellroy

paq’batlh: The Klingon Epic (2nd edn.)

Resistant Form: Aristophanes and the Comedy of Crisis

The(y)ology: Mythopoetics for Queer/Trans Liberation

Fascism, Vulnerability, and the Escape from Freedom: Readings to Repair Democracy

About That Life: Barry Lopez and the Art of Community

Nothing As We Need It

Something More Splendid Than Two

The Angels Won’t Help You

Chaucer’s Comic Providence

Pitch and Revelation: Reconfigurations of Reading, Poetry, and Philosophy through the Work of Jay Wright

Queer and Bookish: Eve Kosofksy Sedgwick as Book Artist

Geographies of Identity: Narrative Forms, Feminist Futures

Wound Building: Dispatches from the Latest Disasters in UK Poetry

The Saga of Þórður kakali: The Icelandic Text, with an English Translation

Lamma: A Journal of Libyan Studies 1

Disturbing Times: Medieval Pasts, Reimagined Futures

Desire/Love (2nd edn.)

Waste: Capitalism and the Dissolution of the Human in Twentieth-Century Theater

Critique of Fantasy, Vol. 3: The Block of Fame

Critique of Fantasy, Vol. 2: The Contest between B-Genres

Massa por Argamassa: A “Biblioteca de Babel” e o Sonho da Totalidade